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Taste of Style@0.5x


  • Participants must choose and provide their own two models and be responsible for all costs associated with the exhibit.
  • Makeup and attire must complement the hairstyle. Remember, this is a hair fashion gala.
  • Models are required to wear black clothing to compliment & highlight your hair artistry.
  • Hair may include coloring, hairpieces, wigs, and weaves (no limit). The style should be at least 60% hair with no more than 40% accessories. "Hair" may be synthetic in nature.
  • Clients and models must arrive at the event by 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 28, 2019.
  • Your two models must arrive at the event with hair, make-up, and fashion near completion.
  • Taste of Style will provide a backstage model room for hair, makeup, and fashion touch-ups.
  • Models will be expected to be complete prior to the show and mingle with the crowd for photo opportunities.
  • All models will be at least 18 years of age and cannot consume any alcohol on the premises. Models must sign a release form for Taste of Style/Oregon Food Bank.
  • Taste of Style/Oregon Food Bank will not be held responsible for any allergies or other medical issues that may arise as a result of hair products or make-up used in or around the models, or any food or drink ingested at the event.
  • Participants are expected to ensure models conduct themselves with integrity and respect throughout the evening.


  • The backstage model room area is restricted and access will be regulated. Only the 2 exhibitors with their two models will be allowed access to the model room throughout the entire evening. NO EXCEPTIONS. You will follow the direction of the Taste of Style designated Project Manager and follow the Project Manager’s requests and schedule for the evening of the show. Any questions during the event should be directed to your designated project manager.
Taste of Style@0.5x

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