Chris McGinness

If you recognize Chris, it’s because he is helping you through Portland’s busy commutes every weekday morning and afternoon on KGW News at Sunrise and KGW News at 4.

A runner and weather geek at heart, Chris earned his meteorology degree on a track scholarship at Penn State University. Chris spent two summers as a weather intern here at KGW before embarking on a TV weather career in the Midwest. After a decade forecasting blizzards and chasing tornados for TV stations in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, he’s thrilled to be back in Portland  Now he chases cars on the DOT cams. The dual weather and geography expertise is the perfect combination to help drivers navigate one of the nation’s most unpredictable commutes.

When not at work, he’s cruising through the Hood to Coast congestion, or training for another marathon…6 and counting.

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